Grey Grey Grey

灰色的灰色的灰色 (2012-)







Starting off with the cityscape of Taipei, I discuss the people, relationships, and community within Taipei, translating the experiences and processes of people who grew up there into a resonance of the generation. Through sculptures or installations, I carve out the non-regular appearance of day-to-day life, and seize the bits of low sound that actually exist.

In these works, light and shadow, joy and melancholy, and optimism and pessimism all simultaneously exist. The different directions state different facts. Mixed in with forms of doubt and awareness, at the same time, the works also maintain the relationship between love and compassion that always happens in our community. These qualities also happen to be human characteristics. I attempted to comb out the specious narrative methods in urban context, and depict people.

I organized and expressed the response to the modernization of urban planning and the top-down structure. Within, what seems to be located on the edge of grand narrative is actually the mass of social subject, the contradictions and disparity that an individual faces in a large system. I set out to expand, modify, or reverse the definition of reality conveyed by popular culture or day-to-day life, and draw out the routes that shows the world is not just black and white from the overly divided values in society. What exists is a large piece of gray that has multiple narratives and is waiting for explanations.

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