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An Open-Air Collection and A Map (2017)






An Open-Air Collection and A Map is a project I've done in 2017 in Rota, Spain. Rota is a coastal town located along Cádiz Bay in Southern Spain. I lived there for a month and made a project around the town.

As an artist (aka unprofessional tourist), although I would love to visit those famous attractions, I’m also curious where do local people like to go. I asked people who live there to help me to explore the beautiful town by telling me their favorite places and reasons. Then I had many small one-day trips by my own, tried to experience this place not only by eyes but also by other senses, or by imaging the memories and experiences people had shared with me. I was touched when I learnt how much do they love their home town and what others to know their passion about the land. After the research, I made different works for each place.

I cast the texture of different places (or you can say 'to fix the cracks of the town'.) These moulds I made solidified the air surrounded by and captured traces, dust, rocks or everything on it, showing the evidence that something/ someone was here. And I found the progress, this period of time that I have to wait until it’s dry, is quite interesting. These pieces of silicone aren't just casting, or being a mould by themselves, also they’ve become an indistinct mark to tag that certain place or object. Then I decided to leave/ hide my works at those places, like an open-air exhibition in the town, from the day I cast till the day some one want to take them off. Then I made a private tour map of Rota with information of useful informations and some shops I went often in town, those ‘favorite places’ that local people kindly recommended me, and locations of my works.

The exhibition separated into two parts, one is in the gallery space with the guide map and photos as hints, the other part is on streets, around the whole town.


You can only see them by accident or by the map I drew.

"When we have a day off, we love to go to the beach." -A

"I love it because is a sacred and quiet place, spiritual, to think and pray. The best way to know it is to visit at 11 am from Monday to Friday."-Jose M.

"My favourite place in Rota is a little street called Mina (Calle Mina). It is located downtown, parallel to our most famous pedestrian street. Everybody knows both streets in Rota. The reason why mina’s street (calle mina) is my favourite place in Rota is because in this street is traditionally developed our carnival celebration.

I am passionate about our carnival and mainly about dressing up; I am all the year looking forward to it. This picture was probably taken at Saturday which is the main day." -Juan V.

"It is located at the seafront promenade. I love it particularly in winter, with wonderful sunsets."  -Carmen

"My favorite place in Rota are the pine forests, specifically the access to the beach on both sides of the Hotel Playa de la Luz. That area, where the green and the blue of the sea and the sky coexist in harmony, and where in addition my village looks at the horizon, the nature, is the beautiful face of Rota, that faces the ocean front, without intermediaries. It's a good place to meditate." -Elena

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