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DEAR CRACKS    闕漏好朋友





If we collect the memories and days we move around in the city, grey is the most common color we see in daily life: The cement mansion building, the asphalt that replaces the meadow or turf, the spreading smoke and dust in the air, the halo of flickering signboards, and those abstract compromises which are neither good nor bad. Grey roads reach everywhere. They are contacted when different events happened and also link those interspaces within life. They are the first medium people encounter while moving around in the city.

Since 2014, I have started to cast holes and cracks on roads around Taipei, Taiwan. Using those holes as molds, I molded the inner space of them. I found these ‘wrinkles of the road’ are interesting, they are not like lifeless cracks but more like organic objects. They were created for being perished by someone. I attempt to collect these cracks whose amount should be less by less due to government’s repairing project, but still keep showing up like a group of animal welcome their newborn babies. The asphalt road became those cracks’ habitat. The repairing project became a nature strategy to control numbers.


For me, the way I mold a road is not only just replicating it but marking those holes on it. The whole process is like I solidified the air above hole, changed from yin to yan, negative space became positive. And those asphalt, leaves, and dust stocked on the surface, or we could say they have moved from this space to the other. I turned over the concept of empty and solid, so the invisible, empty space reappeared as solid, mini cement islands. Then I put a flag on each island, to show the ‘true’ evidence that they (each hole) were there, at somewhere, on the road in Taipei. I attempt to make a sample of that certain time and space, try to keep every certain moment which is no longer exist. Each mold I’ve made present the real size and depth of each hole on road. Through the shadow under glass, audience could see the exactly shape of the original ones. I symbolize the roads as the medium of people’s daily life by using the mold of the road pavement to create and to gather the damages as well as the traces of human activities. I attempt to seek the realistic existence corresponding to the traffic conditions in daily life, which cannot be easily understood or puzzled out.




Dear Cracks: Wrinkles of the Road

concrete, asphalt, plastic





Dear Cracks: Sampling of Taipei

plaster, plastic





Dear Cracks: TAIPEI WALKING Trailer

Single Channel Video Installation





Dear Cracks: The death of the spaceman



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