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​童話故事乙冊 Based on True Story

'The Truly Ugly Duckling'

By Chan Yung-Jen

It's a beautiful sunny day on an island in the Pacific Ocean. there are many baby ducks have hatched from eggs one by one in the nest.




Their dad is a hard-working business man, he has worked for many years to make sure the family have enough food. He always told them they should study harder, work harder. Not only for having a better life, but also to serve their country.

There is one baby duck looks different than others. He is black and heavy, and doesn't have any yellow hair. His siblings always laugh at him, and even call him 'Ugly Duckling'. He is so sad, and almost hide and cry every day in the bed.

One day, while he is surfing the internet, he found an article said 'if you are an ugly duck, don't worry ! Maybe you are a SWAN!' The text reminds him that his mom always said don't look down on his own self, everyone is unique.

He decides to live a positive life and exercise everyday.

The duckling grows up day by day.....





(elementary school)


(junior high school)

(senior high school)




'Seems like I am not a swan, I am just a truly ugly duck...' 





After he graduated from university, he got a job in a big company. His boss is an attractive swan, and must works hard just like him.


The ugly duckling is so happy.


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