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真實故事改編  Based On True Stories (2017-)



The project was developed from a work of my former project '19.8m2 Gachapon Machine', a small handbook that I make up a story to complain about social class in a funny way. This project attempt to murmur different issues about society in a tale-telling way by handmade picture books.


In the work 'The Truly Ugly Duckling (真的醜的小鴨)'  I made a picture book based on a well-known tale The Ugly Duckling, but rewrote in an ironic way to present a lovely but sad story about classes and society. Then I put one in the bookshop's shelf in fiction area so you may not easy to find it, but there is another one displays with my video work near window. 

The Truly Ugly Duckling was shown first time at Arkadia bookshop in Helsinki, Finland in May 2017, and 3 months later also exhibited in Yingge, Taiwan in a duo exhibition.

真的醜的小鴨 (英文版/中文版)




The Truly Ugly Duckling (English/Chinese Version)

CHAN, Yung-Jen

hand binding picture book


Three stories about the Truly Ugly Duckling

video/stopmotion animation


“Three stories about the Truly Ugly Duckling” is a series video project combines three videos. Each video is an independent work but also can link with each other. Although the name shows there are three stories, I didn't put any number on titles of each video. For me, these videos are like stories happen every day, things keep happen someone is like the duck in the first story but someone is like in the third. The concept of my work is based on a well-known story ‘The Ugly duckling’ by Hans Christian Andersen, I adapted the story into another version to make a hypothesis that is the ugly duckling was born in reality like somewhere in Taiwan. The work uses a ironic way to show not only a new story but cultural, historical views about classes, values, disparity between rich and poor or things happened in Taiwan.

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